Salamanca, León Baru - Mexico (MX)
Garis Lintang: N 27° 27' 19"
panjangnya: W 100° 6' 46"
negara: León Baru, Mexico (MX)
populasi: NA
Awan mendungAwan mendung
suhu saat ini: 27.86° C
kelembaban kelembaban kelembaban: 49%
tekanan: 1015 hPa
- Quetzalcóatl International Airport [NLD]
- Rachal Airport
- Rancho Blanco Airport
- Laredo International Airport [LRD]
- Corralitos Airport
- Chupadera Ranch Airport
- Faith Ranch Airport
- Callaghan Ranch Airport
- La Esperanza Ranch Airport
- Indio-Faith Airport
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