Krokodil Restaurant and Hotel, Baden-Württemberg - Jerman (DE)
Garis Lintang: N 49° 24' 16"
panjangnya: E 8° 41' 13"
negara: Baden-Württemberg, Jerman (DE)
populasi: NA
Awan tersebarAwan tersebar
suhu saat ini: 0.38° C
kelembaban kelembaban kelembaban: 84%
tekanan: 1027 hPa
- Mannheim City Airport [MHG]
- Coleman Mannheim
- Pforzheim [UPF]
- Frankfurt Egelsbach Airport [QEF]
- Bandar Udara Internasional Frankfurt [FRA]
- Wiesbaden [WIE]
- Ramstein [RMS]
- Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden Airport [FKB]
- Stuttgart Airport [STR]
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