Höfen b. Thun, Dorf, Canton de Berne - Swiss (CH)
Garis Lintang: N 46° 43' 17"
panjangnya: E 7° 33' 50"
negara: Canton de Berne, Swiss (CH)
populasi: NA
Awan tersebarAwan tersebar
suhu saat ini: 12.84° C
kelembaban kelembaban kelembaban: 81%
tekanan: 1013 hPa
- Bern Airport [BRN]
- Sion Airport [SIR]
- Buochs Airport [BXO]
- Lausanne [QLS]
- Ambri Airport
- Pontarlier Airport
- EuroAirport Basel–Mulhouse–Freiburg [EAP]
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