Lomita, Nuevo León - मेक्सिको (MX)
अक्षांश: N 26° 1' 49"
देशान्तर: W 98° 57' 55"
कंट्री: Nuevo León, मेक्सिको (MX)
आबादी: NA
Clear skyClear sky
वर्तमान तापमान: 26.9° C
नमी: 75%
दबाव: 1010.71 hPa
हवाई अड्डों
- Rio Grande City Municipal Airport
- General Lucio Blanco International Airport [REX]
- McAllen Miller International Airport [MFE]
- Mid-Valley Dusters Inc Airport
- Norman & White Airport
- Edinburg Rio Grande Valley Regional Freight Terminal Airport
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