Yur'yevo, Novgorod Oblast - Russia (RU)
The St. George's (Yuriev) Monastery is usually cited as Russia's oldest monastery. It stands in 5 kilometers south of Novgorod on the left bank of the Volkhov River near where it flows out of Lake Ilmen. The monastery used to be the most important in the medieval Novgorod Republic

Latitude: N 58° 29' 8"
Longitude: E 31° 16' 51"
Country: Novgorod Oblast, Russia (RU)
Population: 22
Scattered cloudsScattered clouds
Current Temperature: 8.94° C
Humidity: 74%
Pressure: 1016 hPa
- Novgorod Yurievo Airport [NVR]
- Novgorod Krechevitsy Airport
- Staraya Rossiya
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