Torre del Greco, Campania - Italy (IT)
Torre del Greco is a city and comune in the Metropolitan City of Naples in Italy, with a population of some 88,000 as of 2007. People are sometimes called Corallini because of the once plentiful coral in the nearby sea, and because the city has been a major producer of coral jewellery and cameo

    Latitude: N 40° 47' 6"
    Longitude: E 14° 22' 20"
    Country: Campania, Italy (IT)
    Population: 85,922
    Scattered cloudsScattered clouds
    Current Temperature: 16.93° C
    Humidity: 67%
    Pressure: 1021 hPa
    - Naples International Airport [NAP]
    - Grazzanise
    - Salerno Costa d'Amalfi Airport [QSR]
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