Raufarhofn, Northeast - Iceland (IS)
Raufarhöfn is a village located on the northeastern tip of the Melrakkaslétta peninsula in Iceland. At one point in time, this small village was home to largest export harbor in Iceland. In the forties and fifties, the Herring frenzy dominated the Icelandic economy and Raufarhöfn was an important

Latitude: N 66° 27' 15"
Longitude: W 15° 57' 3"
Country: Northeast, Iceland (IS)
Population: 169
Overcast cloudsOvercast clouds
Current Temperature: 3.77° C
Humidity: 96%
Pressure: 1006 hPa
- Raufarhöfn Airport [RFN]
- Kópasker Airport [OPA]
- Þórshöfn Airport [THO]
- Bakkafjörður Airport [BJD]
- Husavik Airport [HZK]
- Grímsey Airport [GRY]
- Vopnafjörður Airport [VPN]
- Reykjahlíð Mývatn Airport [MVA]
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