Powder Magazine, South Carolina - United States (US)
The Nicholas Trott House was built of English brick by 1719. The two-story brick building at 83 Cumberland Street is said to be the oldest brick house in Charleston, South Carolina. The house is named for its first owner, Nicholas Trott, who arrived in Charleston from Bermuda where his cousin (also

    Latitude: N 32° 46' 45"
    Longitude: W 79° 55' 48"
    Country: South Carolina, United States (US)
    Population: NA
    Light rainLight rain
    Current Temperature: 25.73° C
    Humidity: 93%
    Pressure: 1019 hPa
    - Charleston Executive Airport
    - Raven's Run Airport
    - Charleston International Airport [CHS]
    - Faison Field
    - Hondarosa Airport
    - Yonges Island Airport
    - Too Goo Doo Farms Airport
    - Mount Holly Airport
    - Summerville Airport
    - Berkeley County Airport
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