Parco Caduti di Nassirya, Lombardy - Italy (IT)
The Teatro Comunale Ponchielli, as it has been known since 1986,Lynn, pp. 19-20 is an opera house located in Cremona, Italy. For more than 250 years it has been that city's primary venue for opera and other theatrical presentations

Latitude: N 45° 8' 9"
Longitude: E 10° 0' 36"
Country: Lombardy, Italy (IT)
Population: NA
Overcast cloudsOvercast clouds
Current Temperature: 21.54° C
Humidity: 56%
Pressure: 1010 hPa
- Piacenza-San Damiano Air Base
- Brescia / Ghedi
- Brescia-Montichiari Airport [VBS]
- Parma Airport [PMF]
- Il Caravaggio International Airport [BGY]
- Milan Linate Airport [LIN]
- Aeroporto "Sergio Aldo Capoferri" Valbrembo
- Verona Airport [VRN]
- Bresso Airport
- Aeroporto di Boscomantico
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