Muzzano, Paese, Ticino - Switzerland (CH)
Biogno is a village and former municipality in the canton of Ticino, Switzerland. It was first recorded in 1022 as Biogno. Biogno municipality had 232 inhabitants in 1850, which increased to 369 in 1900. In 1925 the municipality was split in two to form the two new municipalities Breganzona and

Latitude: N 45° 59' 53"
Longitude: E 8° 55' 20"
Country: Ticino, Switzerland (CH)
Population: NA
Current Temperature: -0.04° C
Humidity: 70%
Pressure: 1027 hPa
- Lugano Airport [LUG]
- Locarno Airport [ZJI]
- Vares-Venegono Airport [QVA]
- Milano Malpensa Airport [MXP]
- Bresso Airport
- Novara / Cameri
- Ambri Airport
- Aeroporto "Sergio Aldo Capoferri" Valbrembo
- Milan Linate Airport [LIN]
- Sondrio Caiolo Airport
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