Moulet Rock, - Jersey (JE)
La Collette Power Station is the main power station for Jersey, and is now the main control centre for the Channel Islands Electricity Grid (CIEG). It is operated by Jersey Electricity PLC. Under normal circumstances the power generation facilities served as an emergency supply in case of power

Latitude: N 49° 10' 5"
Longitude: W 2° 7' 1"
Country: , Jersey (JE)
Population: NA
Few cloudsFew clouds
Current Temperature: 19.48° C
Humidity: 88%
Pressure: 1014 hPa
- Jersey Airport [JER]
- Lessay Airport
- Guernsey Airport [GCI]
- Granville - Mont-Saint-Michel [GFR]
- Alderney Airport [ACI]
- Dinard–Pleurtuit–Saint-Malo Airport [DNR]
- Cherbourg – Maupertus Airport [CER]
- Dinan-Trélivan
- Saint-Brieuc – Armor Airport [SBK]
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