Giardino Tower Inn Hotel Non Refundable Room, Tuscany - Italy (IT)
The Pisa Baptistery of St. John is a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical building in Pisa, Italy. Construction started in 1152 to replace an older baptistery, and when it was completed in 1363, it became the second building, in chronological order, in the Piazza dei Miracoli, near the Duomo di Pisa and

Latitude: N 43° 43' 22"
Longitude: E 10° 23' 32"
Country: Tuscany, Italy (IT)
Population: NA
Broken cloudsBroken clouds
Current Temperature: 12.76° C
Humidity: 91%
Pressure: 1005 hPa
- Pisa / S. Giusto [PSA]
- Lucca-Tassignano Airport [LCV]
- Pontedera Airport
- Massa Cinquale Airport [QMM]
- Sarzana / Luni
- Florence Airport [FLR]
- Ampugnano Airport [SAY]
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