Fuhoutang, Hunan - China (CN)
Heye Town is a rural town in Shuangfeng County, Hunan Province, People's Republic of China. The town is bordered to the north by Jingzi Town, to the northeast by Shigu Town of Xiangtan County, to the southeast by Xinqiao Town of Hengshan County, to the west by Shiniu Township, and to the south by

Latitude: N 27° 24' 46"
Longitude: E 112° 27' 3"
Country: Hunan, China (CN)
Population: NA
Overcast cloudsOvercast clouds
Current Temperature: 33.9° C
Humidity: 64%
Pressure: 1001 hPa
- Hengyang Bajialing Airport [HNY]
- Shaoyang Liangshitang
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