Flühli LU, Post, Lucerne - Switzerland (CH)
Flühli is a municipality in the district of Entlebuch in the canton of Lucerne in Switzerland. The municipality consists of the villages of Flühli and Sörenberg, which form independent parishes. Flühli is part of the UNESCO Entlebuch Biosphere Reserve since 2001.

Latitude: N 46° 53' 2"
Longitude: E 8° 0' 55"
Country: Lucerne, Switzerland (CH)
Population: NA
Few cloudsFew clouds
Current Temperature: 11.38° C
Humidity: 88%
Pressure: 1022 hPa
- Buochs Airport [BXO]
- Bern Airport [BRN]
- Ambri Airport
- Zurich airport [ZRH]
- Mollis
- EuroAirport Basel–Mulhouse–Freiburg [EAP]
- Sion Airport [SIR]
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