Fairfield Inn & Suites Rockford, Illinois - United States (US)
The Roman Catholic Diocese of Rockford is an ecclesiastical territory or diocese of the Roman Catholic Church in the northern Illinois region of the United States. The prelate is a bishop serving as the pastor of the Mother Church, the Cathedral of Saint Peter in the City of Rockford

Latitude: N 42° 16' 12"
Longitude: W 88° 58' 3"
Country: Illinois, United States (US)
Population: NA
Overcast cloudsOvercast clouds
Current Temperature: 4.75° C
Humidity: 81%
Pressure: 1012 hPa
- Poplar Grove Airport
- Chicago Rockford International Airport [RFD]
- Cottonwood Airport
- Eicher Airport
- Spickard-Marshall Airport
- Rotstein Airport
- Cheechako Airport
- LZ Fairwinds Airport
- Henderson Airport
- Severson Airport
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