Chisun Grand Nagasaki, Nagasaki - Japan (JP)
The was a naval training institute, between 1855 when it was established by the government of the Tokugawa shogunate, until 1859, when it was transferred to Tsukiji in Edo. During the Bakumatsu period, the Japanese government faced increasing incursions by ships from western nations, intent on

Latitude: N 32° 44' 51"
Longitude: E 129° 52' 21"
Country: Nagasaki, Japan (JP)
Population: NA
Clear skyClear sky
Current Temperature: 20.61° C
Humidity: 78%
Pressure: 1012 hPa
- Nagasaki Airport [NGS]
- Ōmura Airport [OMJ]
- Saga Airport [HSG]
- Kamigoto Airport
- Ojika Airport
- Aso Kumamoto Airport [KMJ]
- Fukue Airport [FUJ]
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