Bern, Mühlenplatz, Bern - Switzerland (CH)
The Mattequartier is a historic section in the Old City of Bern in Bern, Switzerland. The first expansion of Bern occurred as the city was founded in 1191. The central and oldest neighbourhood was known as the Zähringerstadt (Zähringer town) after the founder, Duke Berthold V of Zähringen

Latitude: N 0° 0' 0"
Longitude: E 0° 0' 0"
Country: ()
Population: NA
Scattered cloudsScattered clouds
Current Temperature: 19.01° C
Humidity: 80%
Pressure: 990 hPa
- Bern Airport [BRN]
- EuroAirport Basel–Mulhouse–Freiburg [EAP]
- Buochs Airport [BXO]
- Lausanne Airport [QLS]
- Montbéliard – Courcelles Aerodrome [XMF]
- Sion Airport [SIR]
- Pontarlier Airport
- Belfort Chaux Airport
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