Alaaddin Camii, Çorum - Turkey (TR)
Çorum Archaeological Museum is an archaeological museum in Çorum, Turkey. It was formally established in 1968, with items found in Alacahöyük, Boğazköy, Ortaköy, Eskiyapar, Pazarlı, Kuşsaray and Alişar Höyük.

    Latitude: N 40° 32' 28"
    Longitude: E 34° 57' 25"
    Country: Çorum, Turkey (TR)
    Population: NA
    Clear skyClear sky
    Current Temperature: 7.36° C
    Humidity: 77%
    Pressure: 1028 hPa
    - Merzifon [MZH]
    - Merzifon
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